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Happy New Year from Privé Health!
On behalf of everyone here at Privé Health I would like to offer you a warm welcome into 2017 and take this opportunity to update you on some of the highlights past, present and future for Privé Health patients.
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Exciting Plans for 2017
We are almost ready to unveil our brand spanking new website which will not only make it easier to find the service you need but will also include an intuitive and easy to use online booking system.

You'll be able to search for an appointment by date or by location, finding and booking an appointment online that suits you whenever and wherever you are.
We're lowering our costs
We are pleased to announce plans to reduce the cost of a private GP consultation from £80 to £62.50 across all GP practices within our network.

This price reduction will also reduce the cost of the other GP services we offer and is part of an ongoing effort to make private GP care as accessible as possible for all.
A busy year ahead, however we are making a concerted effort to keep in touch more regularly with our patients and Prive Health fans and we hope to help in the coming months....

Wishing you well in 2017
Jason Ward
CEO - Privé Health
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