Less is more — Remember this rule when writing content for your email marketing campaign

Less is more — Remember this rule when writing content for your email marketing campaign

Concise, clean and livid emails tend to always perform better.

As an email designer, I constantly feel the need to tell my clients to provide less copy for the email. It gets really difficult when they want to convert the users to a single link and provide me with a 1000 word copy.

Allow me to explain.

When an average user opens an email, they want to quickly get the info they need and move onto the next task. The only time when the user keeps the email open for a longer period of time is when the topic is of the user’s personal interest.

When doing your email marketing campaigns, keep this in mind:

You just need to get the message across to the user, you don’t have to tell them a story.

Let's see this example of a busy email. Would you read all this text?


The answer is no. The furthest you’ll read is the second paragraph or maybe the third and you’ll be bored by then and close the email.

Now let’s see some good examples of email with concise straight-to-topic content:

Image credit: Casper

Concise, clean and livid. This email covers all three.

The message is easily delivered, the content is easily read and conversions are guaranteed.

Let’s see some more examples of good emails that follow the less-copy-more-reach principle.

Image credit: Everlane

Image credit: Hush Puppies

Image credit: Famous Footwear

Your email doesn’t have to be short in length, it can be tall but it shouldn’t be stuffed with paragraphs.

Your email doesn’t have to be colorless or full of rainbows but it should be a combination of just the right amount of 2–3 light / dark colors that suit your brand.

In conclusion, the emails which are designed with the user’s interest and flow in mind tend to perform best. Always do your user research and design accordingly.

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