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New Study Shows That Children Inherit Their Intelligence from Their Mother Not Their Father
Many parents have a go at each other when discussing their children. One will take credit for their looks, while the other claims their intelligence is a direct result of their own genes. Regardless of where their intelligence or looks come from, health and happiness is what is most important. But science has now proven that genes that are responsible for the intelligence of a child are carried on the X chromosome which means they could stem from the mother since she carries two of these chromosomes compared to the father’s one. Further, science has shown that if the intelligence gene is carried on the father’s X chromosome, it could indeed be cancelled out.

What does this mean for parents and how can they ensure their child will receive the “smart genes”? Not much, really. There are many other factors that determine the intelligence of a child and although these “conditioning genes” are a part of the equation, they don’t carry enough weight to be the sole determining factor. Researchers are still studying these genes and are seeing that various social and economic factors do come into play. Parents, especially mothers, can build a strong emotional bond with their children to help strengthen their memory, learning and stress response abilities.
Bill Gates is right to spare his children the curse of their inheritance
Something that we are seeing more and more of, especially in the celebrity circle, is parents not leaving their inheritances to their children. Some parents are even going as far as to say that although they are wealthy, their children are not in an effort to raise them properly and give them a sense of humility. Multi-billionaire, Bill Gates, recently stated that he is not going to burden his children with a lofty inheritance, instead, deciding to donate much of it to charitable organizations around the world.

How could an inheritance be a curse? Besides the tax burden, there are many other factors to consider when a large sum of money is involved. Investment planning, scams and con artists and the fact that large sums of wealth can often distort a person’s view of the world around them. With Bill Gates estimated fortune being worth over $70 billion, this sort of indulgence could lead to many future mistakes. What do you think? Should children be spared the burden of an inheritance, or should they retain a portion of the family fortune? If you have any questions about an inheritance, how to create a will or if you even need a will, contact the experts at Harrison Research and let us answer your questions for you.
Celebrity deaths in 2016: The famous faces gone too soon - from Pete Burns to Prince and Alan Rickman
Death is an unavoidable part of life and no matter who you are and as hard as it may be to do, it is something that we all have to face. 2016 seems to have been especially hard for many, including some of the entertainment industry’s top celebrities. From Pete Burns and David Bowie, to Prince, Alan Rickman and, most recently, Robert Vaughn, we have lost a great many celebrities this past year.

While death is an unavoidable part of life, there is something that we can do to help ease the burden on our loved ones. Make a will and be sure include any special requests or details that are commonly overlooked. While your passing may be a difficult time for family, having a clear picture as to your wishes will help alleviate some of the arguments, heated discussions and other factors that are common with the passing of a loved one. Also, having a will created will help research and genealogy firms provide more efficient services making life after the passing of your loved one, just a little easier.
Sister Says Prince Died Without a Will: What It Means and Why You Shouldn't Let It Happen to You
Pop superstar Prince passed away this year and the world was shocked. While there was a lot of controversy surrounding his death including how it happened and was anyone else to blame, the real controversy came weeks later. It seems as though Prince did not leave a will and his estate may not fall into the hands of his family. This validates the importance of creating a will as much of the pop star’s wealth may be lost.

Do you have a will? Do your children, relatives or friends know where you keep it? These are important questions as your life’s work could be lost and your family will be left to pay for funeral costs and other debts without the assistance of your estate. Create a will today and be sure that it covers everything you want it to. You could even find assistance in creating your will to ensure that every factor of your estate is covered.
Axing archaeology A level 'damaging' to future infrastructure projects, critics say' What do you think?
In the past, we have seen many subjects and classes cut from local Uni’s and, while some have been logical choices for the budget axe, some were valid classes that should have been saved. One such class that is facing being removed from curriculum is the study of archaeology. While many officials feel that this course is not needed, there are quite a few students, parents and faculty members that say otherwise. Thousands in fact. A petition is circulating that would save the archaeology courses and continue the study of this important aspect of our lives.

When asked about the reasoning behind removing this course from the curriculum for sixth formers, the AQA stated that it was being cut "because of challenges around marking and the 'specialist nature' of the topics."

Is this a good enough reason for us not to want students to study our past and learn more about where our society came from? After all, archaeology not only tells us about our past, it gives us indicators for our future and has proven vital in the growth of our world.
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