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When you refine your child,
you define your child!
Good manners and politeness are essential life skills for any child or teenager. Give your children and teenagers the gift of great manners and social skills they need to succeed.

Help us bring back civility, knowing what to do, how to do it, and feeling comfortable doing it increases self-confidence and self-esteem. Our classes are fun, educational, modern and interactive.

We provide both group and individual training; contact our team today.
News, Social Etiquette & Business Etiquette Tips
Hosting your own tea party can be a great way to make new friends and socialise. With #PolishedManners you could brush up on your tea etiquette and get yourself ready for a gorgeous tea party in the garden this summer!
Social Etiquette Tips
Good manners can really help your child make great friends and important connections which may benefit them in the future. Give your child a little boost with #PolishedManners lessons to help them develop their social skills and manners.
Business Etiquette Tips
Got an important interview coming up? We offer the perfect class to help you stand out, make an impact and gain a competitive edge over other candidates. Tag a friend who's awaiting an interview! First impressions really do count, make sure yours is one to remember with #PolishedManners
Upcomig Events & Classes
May Etiquette and Social Skills Class for Children
Date:  20th & 27th SAT  /  Age:  6-12 Years  /  Duration:  3 Hours
June Etiquette and Social Skills Class for Teenagers
Date:  10th & 17th SAT  /  Age:  13-18 Years  /  Duration:  3 Hours
July Summer Holiday Etiquette & Social Skills Camp for Children
Date:  TUE 25th & WED 26th  /  Age:  6-12 Years  /  Time:  9AM-4PM
Aug Summer Holiday Etiquette & Social Skills Camp for Teenagers
Date:  TUE 1st & WED 2nd  /  Age:  13-18 Years  /  Time:  9AM-5PM
The need for the classes is to help improve behavior and social skills for young people.
Full course information will be available on the website including registration and payment details.
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